I am so lucky to have this handsome fella in my life. I can’t even begin to describe how much joy he brings to my life. He makes me smile so much. He’s such a gentleman and treats me with so much respect. I’m so thankful to find someone as intelligent and hardworking as him. It’s going to be so hard leaving for three months, but I know that the distance between us with just allow us to grow emotionally closer together. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us, and I couldn’t be more happy to call him mine! -







puppy farts - Imgur

I’ve been laughing at this for about the past five minutes.

holy shit

The video this is from is even better because there’s like five minutes of video of these dogs and then at the very end this happens and you hear a little “Frrt” and the dog makes that face and it just



Just epic XD



After so much bashing on Gal Gadot, it’s time that people start criticizing the non-believers. Whether it’s “she’s too skinny,” or “cosplayers can do better,” folks always dig for reasons to not like things, but hey, you can’t please everyone. She’s 5’9”. With heels on, she looks at her male counterparts, Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, who’s 6’4” and 6’1”, respectively, dead in the eyes. Plus, doesn’t a chick who could fight in heels deserve some respect? Uh, yeah. And you can’t deny she’s attractive. She may not be a bodybuilder, but you could see a hint of her sculpted arms and legs in her stance. So Diana is an Amazon from Themyscira, which has been described as being in modern-day Turkey. Very few ladies from that region have fair skin and blue eyes. Gadot doesn’t seem overly ethnic, but she does look like she got plucked from an island in the Mediterranean, which is close enough since she’s from Israel. Okay, so the red, blue, and gold isn’t so red, blue, and gold. But if you look past that, there are other cool details, such as the boots, tiara, breastplate, sword, lasso, bracelets, and dat “WW” on her waist. This costume looks true to anything imaginable when you consider that this is a skilled warrior and not some girl who decided to become a heroine overnight (I love Babs, though). The suit is probably dull since’s it’s the dawn of justice, so it will lead to a brighter horizon. So for the haters, you’ve seen Frozen, yes? LET IT GO.

Diana of Themyscira, by Jasric.

Something that should be added in is that the picture was filtered so you can’t really see much of the color of the suit.

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