I would give a lot to see this fight happen:

Faora UI - Man of Steel ( Superman)


Lightning Farron - Final Fantasy XIII ( Specifically, Savior Lightning.)

Who would win? Honestly, I think it would be a very close fight, if not a draw. I think Faora has the super strength edge here, but Lightning has wits and magical powers on her side that she can use just as effectively.

That fight would be epic!!!





Destruction handled in Man of Steel =/= destruction handled in Pacific Rim Frank.  The latter acknowledges there is loss, while the former just seems to just think of it as just not important.

Plus considering parts of Pacific Rim involve giants fighting on land (When they intended to handle it on the ocean) it’s hard to avoid loss.

Interesting… Yet have you thought about how hard it is to avoid loss in Man of Steel?

Let’s just go over this, hey

  • The movie does not just think of it as not important. There is a reason why audiences feel the amount of destruction and loss of human life. The filmmakers wanted to show that these things do have consequences. They tried evacuating but the situation was so insane that so many died in the process of the machines fucking up the Earth. Though by the time Zod/Supes fought, the buildings were just about empty, so… gg.
  • Interesting that you should say it’s not important when Clark sacrificed so much to save one family by killing Zod.
  • And you say they intended to handle it in the ocean and all that. May I remind you that every single kryptonian minus zod was dealt with without them having an effect on the battle. Clark and the army tried to send them all to the phantom zone first, but Zod wasn’t there. And on that note, Clark tried to fucking hand himself over to Zod before hand to try to save the Earth! You can’t tell me it’s not important in this movie.

Let’s talk about the situation, hey?

  • Pacific Rim - 2 Kaiju vs the 4 experienced (minus Mako) jaegers/pilots
  • Man of Steel - Clark + the mostly ineffective american army vs a team of aliens with the same powers as Clark and hella powerful technology
  • Pacific Rim - they were alerted immediately when the Kaijus came through the rift thing and could immediately evacuate
  • Man of Steel - they had no warning and only evacuated after the machines started terraforming

Basically there are so many factors here… You can’t simply compare the movies just like that. They’re completely different situations. Both make for great movies, but they’re different.

Please don’t tag hate next time, by the way.

Well most of the point is with the battles in Man of Steel, in other continuity Superman usually would lead Zod away from the cities so that things like collateral damage would not happen.

I wouldn’t have a problem so much if they had acknowledged the brevity of what just happened, but after the whole final battle happens, it’s then treated like everything is fine, even though Zod turned a portion of Metropolis into a lifeless crater and Supes/Zod battle was a little much on the destructive side.

Also my whole handle is CALLING OUT HATERS, not so much spreading hate as calling out those who spread hate, mainly trivial and/or illogical stuff.

In other continuity, Superman has had experience. In the smallville battle, he tried to grab faora and bring her away from the town, but he was dragged back down by nam-ek. That’s when he had an advantage over them (with flight, heat vision, etc…). By the metropolis battle, Zod has all the powers Clark has, and he has so much more experience.

Yeah, there was a slight issue there with the pacing at the end, and I do wish they dwelled on it a bit more, but… What can you do. It will almost certainly play a role in the next film, so perhaps that’s what they were planning for. 

Also my whole handle is PLEASE STOP TAGGING HATE. Tag it with ‘man of steel is shit’ for all I care… But only fans go on the man of steel tag, so only people who actually enjoy the film see what you’ve said, which is super pointless.

Hater getting told whats up I love it!

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