Zack Snyder: ‘Everyone Clings to the Christopher Reeve Version of Superman’


I have to disagree with this article. Superman is a force of justice and good, certainly in the early comics, even if he’s grown darker over time. I don’t think the violence and destruction would be as much of an issue if the characters (Pa Kent and Clark) had a more palpable moral center.



No, you idiot. It’s that the Christopher Reeve movies captured the essence of who Superman is and what he stands for.

Are the original movies dated now? Yes, very much so.

How tightly they cling to those ideas, not really the comic book version, but more the movie version. 

It’s clear that Zak Snyder has never read a Superman comic.

No everyone really is clinging to the christopher reeves version. Zack has read the superman comics and is very loyal to them. He captured the essence of Superman in Man of Steel more so in such an amazing way.

They do have a moral center. Clark’s been saving people since he was a kid and the first thing pa kent thought of when that tornado came was to help people. We know what their morals are.

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